orange NBSCAB Mission Statement

The Mission of the National Bomb Squad Commanders Advisory Board is to act in a leadership role for the bomb squad community, providing guidance and advice on important issues. The Board promotes initiatives to improve bomb squad tactics, techniques, procedures, training and equipment. The Board provides input and direction toward research and development programs affecting the bomb technician profession. The Board acts as the liaison to the many federal agencies who are involved in issues related to state and local bomb squads. The Board is charged with the responsibility to set guidelines and standards for the bomb squad community through its role as the elected representatives for state and local bomb squads.


The vision of the National Bomb Squad Commanders Advisory Board is to develop unified perspective, maximizing the capabilities of bomb squads and supporting agencies at the federal, state, and local levels; to collectively provide maximum service to the public through the development of bomb squad organizations and professionals that are trained, equipped, informed, and in every way prepared to meet their mission of defeating improvised devices of all designs and configurations.